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Year in review – a photo of every day of 2009

361 photos from every full day of 2009. (I crossed the international date line 10 times in 2009, so I missed a couple days).

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Tokyo Day Trip: Ueno Zoo & Imperial Palace

A day walking around Ueno Zoo and the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. Great weather and great sushi!

Ueno Zoo CosmosImperial Palace GreenImperial Palace SwansCute little bugger

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Three nearby parks

Our planned Saturday trip to Mitake-san mountain did not work out due to a 30km traffic jam. So we visited a couple parks in the neignborhood… sometimes the best photos can be found in your backyard.

A match made in heavenButterfly Heaven Jindai DoveJindai BirdHot

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Escape to Oze – 尾瀬ヶ原

Oze SkyOze WindOze BokehOzeOze MarshlandsOze NightOze Turtle DoveOze

A Jindaiji Sunday Afternoon – 深大寺 植物園

Jindai SundayJindai SundayJindai SundayJindai SundayPrayer festivalMint
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