363 days later
November 28, 2009 by David

Nearly a year to the day later, Autumn hits Jindai Gardens in Tokyo again. Last year’s trees revisited.

Tokyo Autumn ColorsTokyo Autumn ColorsAll Good Things...Tokyo Autumn ColorsTokyo Autumn Colors


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A Saturday walk in Western Tokyo
November 21, 2009 by David

Walking through Jindaiji temple area with Chiharu. One ice cream cone and one dongo is all it took for her to let me shoot today!

Autum BeginsRedAutmumnWashDropsJindaiji Shrine


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Jindai bicycle ride
July 19, 2009 by David

Jindaiji LotusShades of AutumnDreamsMaple BokehTemple GardenTempleMomiji

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Another jetlag induced early morning shoot
April 27, 2009 by David

Jindai-ji maple, I just can’t get enough!

Japanese MapleJapanese MapleJapanese MapleSmall Temple and Spring LeavesJapanese MapleJapanese Maple and Jindai Temple

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A Japanese Maple Morning at Jindai Temple
April 26, 2009 by David

Jindai-ji TempleJindai-ji TempleJindai-ji TempleJindai-ji TempleJindai-ji TempleJindai-ji Temple

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