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Sedona: The complete set

The full set from my short visit to Sedona, Arizona, USA. Land of red rocks, desert, and cacti. Warning: the bandwidth challenged might have a hard time viewing some of these over a slower Internet connection.

Sedona PanoramaSedona, Arizona PanoramaSendona with moonlightSedona RedrocksSedona at SunriseSedona, Arizona

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Escape to Oze – 尾瀬ヶ原

Oze SkyOze WindOze BokehOzeOze MarshlandsOze NightOze Turtle DoveOze

A Quick Walk Through the Park

I was supposed to be shopping, but couldn’t help myself. I snuck back into Jindai Gardens for 30 minutes!


Jindai OneJindai TwoJindai Three
Jindai FourJindai FiveJindai Six

Oze Marshland in Gunma Prefecture, Japan

19 kilometer hike and lots of photos!

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